In Maren we provide drilling, completion, maintenance and repair services of marine wells.

About us

Maren Energy is a 100% Mexican company part of the CEMZA corporate, a group of companies with more than 50 years in the maritime industry of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

We are dedicated to provide drilling, completion, intervention and repairing services to wells, as well as integral projects for development and exploration of wells in the Gulf of Mexico with a background of more than 75 well interventions.

In Maren we combine experience with the best international practices, safe operations, innovative technologies and high quality always taking care of the environment.

We have drilled more than 12 wells achieving:

-60% reduction in response times.

-Efficiency records upto 95%.

Our services

Additional services
  • Rental of skid baskets for materials

    Manufacture, sale and rental of baskets
    Dry containers for transportation of critical equipment

  • Collection, transportation and disposal final of drill cuttings

    Our boats are approved for the transport of special handling waste.

    Our land logistics have the necessary permits for transportation.

    We offer an integral service from the rental of containers to the final disposition granting a documented traceability to the client.

  • Rental of pressure control equipment and Surface-mounted connections

    We offer rental services for critical outbreak prevention equipment, Bop´s, adapter spool, under standards api 6 and 16.

    Immediate response capacity.

  • Logistics

    Our marine fleet places us in the best option of the market when offering all the integral services of transport, from personnel, general load, until processing of fluids.

    We have vehicles for different types of cargo from heavy to light.

  • Rental of independent low and high pressure pumping equipment.

    We provide chemical injection services for cleaning and stimulation of wells with high pressure Ht400 triplex units up to 15,000 psi, single and double with highly qualified personnel.